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Condition Well Permit Dominates Over Local Zoning – Again

Condition Well Permit Dominates Over Local Zoning – Again

The condition laws and regulations of Louisiana controlling gas and oil exploration and production will trump local rules. See St. Tammany Parish Government v. Condition of Louisiana, Office of Conservation. (Forgive us for your word that needs to be prevented inside a civil society.)

The conflict

St. Tammany is really a home-rule charter parish that adopted a Unified Development Code. The Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation later released a purchase adopting a drilling and production unit and released a permit to Helis Oil & Gas Company for any well that might be situated within an area zone as residential.

St. Tammany Parish sued to declare the drilling permit illegal as their zoning designation trumped won within the right from the Commission to issue the permit.

The State prevails

The trial court and court of appeal ruled for the State. The appellate court first looked at “the extensive body of law that addresses every phase of the oil and gas exploration process … .”  The court focused on La. R.S. 30:28F:

The issuance of the permit by the [C]ommissioner … shall be sufficient authorization … to enter upon the property … and to drill in search of minerals thereon. No other agency or political subdivision of the [S]tate shall have the authority, and they are hereby expressly forbidden, to prohibit or in any way interfere with the drilling of a well or test well in search of minerals by the holder of such a permit. [Our emphasis.]

A legal court acknowledged that local capacity to regulate land use and zoning within its limitations isn’t preempted unless of course it’s the obvious and manifest reason for the legislature to do this. However, St. Tammany’s zoning laws must yield to condition law according to La. R.S. 30:28F. “… [H]ereby specifically forbidden…” clearly and manifestly evinces the legislative intent to preempt that part of the law.

The pervasiveness from the legislation, which addresses every facet of gas and oil exploration along with the requirement for uniformity and the possibility of conflicts between your enforcement of local laws and regulations, demonstrates the legislative intent to impliedly preempt that part of the law. Therefore, local zoning laws are preempted by condition law insofar because they modify the State’s regulating gas and oil activity.

A legal court reported Art Mire, §9(B) from the Metabolic rate, “Notwithstanding any provision want to know ,, law enforcement power the [S]tate shall not be abridged.” The Commissioner’s power is definitely an exercise from the State’s police forces. The grant of zoning forces to local government authorities wasn’t as vital.

A legal court declined the contention the Metabolic rate gives concurrent capacity to the Condition and also the local government authorities to safeguard health, safety, and welfare, stating Article IX § one of the Metabolic rate.

Finally, a legal court applied the standard concept of “consider” and held the Commissioner did “consider the actual plan” as needed by statute.

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