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Army Tried to Fire Whistleblower in Unearned Pay Scandal

Army Tried to Fire Whistleblower in Unearned Pay Scandal

Kenneth Delano, a military civilian officer, lately grew to become conscious of a scenario by which he claims that other officials around the pressure were receiving more pay compared to what they had gained. After he alerted his superiors to those actions, the military tried to fire him from his position.

The U . s . States Office of Special Counsel protected Delano by placing a halt on his firing for 45 days with the Merit Systems Protection Board. In that 45-day period, the OSC will conduct an intensive analysis in to the claims produced by Delano and in to the conditions that brought to his firing and also the alleged retaliation through the Army. The OSC launched an announcement declaring there are “reasonable grounds” to consider that retaliation would be a adding element in the choice to fire Delano.

Delano reported the occurrences in August 2013, telling the inspector general from the Dod that other officials were receiving an additional $25,000 in pay. As the Army stopped that pay, Delano all of a sudden observed cases of alleged retaliation against him. For example, his patrol vehicle all of a sudden endured from issues with steering after being broken, and also the Army designated among the officials on whom Delano had blown the whistle to mind in the analysis in to the vehicle. Delano requested for any different officer to do the analysis due to it as being a obvious conflict of great interest, which request was refused.

Delano’s firing remains on hold pending the analysis in to the situation, and also the Army has yet to discuss the incident.


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