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This summer 1, 2016: All Ontario companies must adhere to new noise regulation

This summer 1, 2016: All Ontario companies must adhere to new noise regulation

By This summer 1, 2016, all Ontario companies is going to be needed to conform with a brand new place of work noise Regulation underneath the Work-related Safety and health Act.

The brand new Regulation (381/15) replaces noise protection needs presently within the rules for Industrial Institutions, Mines and Mining Plants, and Gas and oil-Offshore. Individuals rules affect many – although not all – Ontario companies.

The noise obligations is going to be new for companies using the following kinds of workplaces:

  • construction projects
  • health care facilities
  • schools
  • farming operations
  • fire services
  • police services
  • amusement parks

The new Regulation’s basic requirements are:

-Employers must take “all measures reasonably necessary in the circumstances to protect workers from exposure to hazardous sound levels”

-The noise-protection measures must “include the provision and use of engineering controls, work practices” and, where required (and permitted), hearing protection devices

-In general, every employer must ensure that “no worker is exposed to a sound level greater than an equivalent sound exposure level of 85 dBA, Lex,8” (as calculated according to the Regulation) without requiring workers to wear hearing protection devices

-Hearing-protection devices are a secondary (not primary) noise-protection solution and will be permitted in only certain listed circumstances

-Employers must, where practicable, post a warning sign at every approach to an area where the sound level regularly exceeds 85

-Employers who provide hearing-protection devices must provide appropriate hearing-protection training to workers who use those devices.

The Regulation may be found online here.



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