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Groundhog’s Day for Companies: Exactly The Same Mistakes Again and again and Over…

Groundhog’s Day for Companies: Exactly The Same Mistakes Again and again and Over…

I consider Groundhog’s Day not just a great comedy, but additionally an excellent movie. Twenty-2 yrs ago, the late Harold Ramis graced us having a tale about Phil Connors, a Philadelphia TV weatherman, who finds themself repeating within 24 hours again and again during assignment covering Groundhog’s Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. (Spoiler alert) Connors, performed by fan-favorite Bill Murray, escapes time loop after working out the answer to freedom lies with self-improvement and functions of kindness.

Because the actual Groundhog’s Day neared this season, I figured relating to this movie and just how sometimes Personally i think like I’m inside it with regards to addressing certain employment law issues.

Nowhere is that this more true then with regards to the problem of overtime. I can’t let you know the number of occasions I’ve discovered myself inside a conversation a good employment law issue unrelated to overtime, where out of the blue the saying “salaried non-exempts” is causally pointed out. This always boosts a warning sign for me personally, and i’ll nicely interject to inquire about whether or not they pay individuals people overtime, that they sometimes respond (and with confidence so): “we outlay cash an income, therefore we don’t need to pay them overtime.” It always is amazing to me that even probably the most sophisticated HR departments miss this problem over and over. No, no, no – you have to pay overtime for your non-exempt employees even when they’re salaried. So it goes…

Then, coincidentally, right before Groundhog’s Day, I received a phone call from Law360, that was writing articles that will basically test companies on their own employment law acumen. They wanted to be aware what issues I’m consistently coping with. Obviously, the salaried non-exempt issue was the very first factor that found mind. It offered like a perfect chance to highlight this problem to some bigger audience. I’d encourage you thus, to see the resulting article “10 Tricky Inquiries to Test Out Your Employment Law Savvy,” which addresses these salaried non-exempt overtime issue together with other issues I highlighted: (1) needed payment of overtime even where unauthorized (2) extended leave like a potential reasonable accommodation where FMLA leave has expired and (3) doing it with discipline when confronted with a disability disclosure. These four issues, together with other issues highlighted within the article by other esteemed employment lawyers, frequently trip up companies surprisingly.



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